Lord Sterling Robert Blackwell

ISBN: 9781462724727

Published: April 16th 2013


356 pages


Lord Sterling  by  Robert  Blackwell

Lord Sterling by Robert Blackwell
April 16th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 356 pages | ISBN: 9781462724727 | 7.71 Mb

Our modern world has stripped men of their designed roles as protectors and leaders of their families. Men have natural built-in drives to fulfill those roles. Unfortunately they have been told they need to be more gentle, more passive and ultimately less of the man God intended them to be. Today God needs real men who will accept the responsibility of living right and leading others to Gods righteousness. They need to be bold worshipers of The Great Light, and examples for their families and friends.

Sterling spoke, As I grew, I missed many of the things young people do. I was determined to be the best soldier ever known. And I did whatever was necessary to be known. I began to search for battles wherever I could find them. Because of my size, I was expected to fight well. In the heart of a young man there is nothing more powerful than to rise to the expectations of those around him. I, many times, took when I should have given and pressed when I should have paused. As you have said, Dutch, I have made a name for myself, but to what end?

I love not, and am unloved. I protect not, and find I am unprotected. My fame shadows me like a demon of old. I feel I have yet another battle to join, but my fate is undetermined. But here I am. A mans greatness is not only in his deeds, spoke Dutch, but in how he lives with those deeds thereafter.

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